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NewWave Services Ltd. understand the importance of Health and Safety in the work environment. At NewWave Services Ltd we aim to provide exceptional Sanitisation, Decontaminating and Deep Clean Service.

Keeping business premises clean and sanitised is essential in these difficult times to stop the spread of COVID-19 infection. Thankfully there is a lot of guidance available now, including this publication from Public Health England and daily updates in the national media.

There is a lot of emphasis on regular wiping and cleaning of hard surfaces with chlorine based disinfectant and there are some detailed guidelines here from the BICSc

Fighting Coronavirus with thorough steam cleaning

NewWave Services Ltd utilise Dry Steam cleaning as it’s a proven method for cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces, walls, floors and furniture.

The current pandemic relates to a novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (now known as COVID-19), which has caused a Worldwide outbreak of a disease similar to SARS. Research has shown that a related coronavirus that causes SARS cannot survive in temperatures over 56°C. Whilst this has not yet been sufficiently tested with COVID-19 to provide certificated evidence, the current thinking is that it should behave in a similar way.

Recent guidance from Public Health England COVID-19: cleaning in non-healthcare settings states “When items cannot be cleaned using detergents or laundered, for example, upholstered furniture and mattresses, steam cleaning should be used.”

Steam cleaners are also recommended in this article from Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Steam cleaners release very fine steam at temperatures of up to 180°C, under pressure, so can reach into every corner of every surface in a way that wiping with cloths or cleaning with brushes can’t do. Industry testing has demonstrated that steam cleaning removes 99% of germs, bacteria and other organisms.

NewWave services Ltd also utilise fogging machines are the ideal way to dispense sanitisers, disinfectants & odourisers. Can be utilised for use in small spaces or for localised odour control, to commercial and industrial use.

Foggers are typically used in food processing plants, dairies, care homes etc – anywhere where odour control and sanitising is critical. Also highly effective for pest control and mould treatment.
Disinfectant foggers can be used to help reduce the spread of viral infections.

Expert Deep Cleaning for Commercial Properties

Deep cleaning has never been more important than in the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. At NewWave Services Ltd. our deep cleaning services cover a wide variety of situations and options. Our team of experts can carry out hygienic cleans on a daily basis. No matter when you need a deep clean carried out we have the know-how and passion to get your property microbially clean.

Depending on the usage of a premises gets we recommend full deep clean at regular intervals for commercial properties (or those with high footfall) to keep on top of your regular cleaning. All our staff are extensively and professionally trained to tackle a full range of deep cleaning tasks, including sanitising all necessary areas.

Specialists in the Sanitising and Deep Cleaning of:

Pub & Clubs
Gyms/Health Clubs
Car Showrooms
Retail Units

Fogging Infection Control Kills 99.9% of Known Viruses Including Coronavirus

Our Fogging  infection control service is also mobile and available 24/7 and causes minimal disruption. Ideal for outbreaks,  It gets to work immediately, and once the treatment is complete, the space is safe and  free of any pathogens.

Vaporisation treatment that disperses non-toxic, non-corrosive disinfectants into the air killing 99.9% of known viruses, bacteria and fungi including Coronavirus.

Chemical Approved for EN14476, EN1276, EN13697, EN13623 EN1650.

A Flexible, Bespoke Approach

Back to work sanitising and deep clean

Minimum disruption to the business

Routine and arranged meetings between the Client and NewWave Services to ensure that the high standards are maintained at all times

Office open areas disinfecting & cleaning

Combining  ULV fogging and manual cleaning comprehensively  disinfecting, ensuring a higher efficacy of cleaning

All works carried out by NewWave Services Ltd is checked and audited on a regular basis to ensure the quality of work is maintained offering you peace of mind that your facility is professionally sanitised and ready for use by your staff and customers alike

Preventative clean up - COVID-19

Our aim is to help  prevent the spread of Coronavirus through  decontamination and manual deep clean. Eliminating infections the risk of infectious organisms from surfaces

Our machines can kill bacteria and germs, which is why they are so highly regarded by professionals in the NHS and in the food industry, and are ideal for dissolving grease & grime, as well as removing chewing gum whilst achieving a chemical free clean.

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